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Recommended Seminars and Reading:

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2017 Meet the Breeds in NYC
Join our members at the AKC 2017 Meet The Breeds held at the Piers in NYC, on February 13th. Representatives from all AKC breeds will be there as well as several SAC members with their amazing dogs. Come join the fun.

The Whisker Walk 2017
The Whisker Walk is one of our premier events. Please join us in Lancaster MA at the
Bolton Fair Grounds and meet some wonderful Akitas.  .

2017 ACA National Specialty
Please check back frequently for updates on our 2016 National Specialty.

Visit the Official ACA Web page

2017 ACA Region 1 Specialty
Please check back for information about our Club regional Specialty. Be sure to visit out 2017 Specialty page!

Meet the Members!
Coming soon - meet the members of Squakheag Akita Club, find out about what being a member can do for you!

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