Letter from Frank Ingemi - ACA Meet The Breeds NYC Liaison:

2017  Meet the Breeds NYC

Just having a chance to reflect on our experience at Meet the Breeds in New York 2017. It's always a long strenuous day but we always seem to make it just an awesome experience, how we all pull together. One challenge is to make the booth look better than anyone else's there, no one there has an 8 foot tori gate in their booth with blooming cherry trees in the background, and we have our mastermind Diane Lynch to thank for all that.

We've been doing this for a quite a few years and we come to the event looking forward to seeing all involved, we're all like family. We have the young and charming Brittany LaCroix ,and her fiancé Jason Farrar ,who is our tech guru. JoAnn Dimon and Matt Dimon with all their Akita knowledge of helping and saving the many lives of all those abandoned Akitas. Jerid Ahrens was there to help in setting up and taking down, taking pictures and talking to the thousands of people in attendance. My lovely wife Linda Ingemi with her many years of Akita knowledge and her always eager willingness to inform everyone of it.( nice way of saying she doesn't shut up LoL )

It was great to see Nancy Fisk as well as Sally Hall Compton and Linda Wolf , Faith Quade.

Most importantly not to forget our real Akita stars for without them, we could not have our Meet the Breeds run so smoothly. We have our senior male Orien, sweet Amaya and our youngster Monsteress.

Did you ever stop and think about how many hands have touched these 3 Akitas in this one days event ? We had elderly people in wheelchairs to babies being licked on their faces, mostly everyone asked the same 2 questions, 1, how old is your dog? And 2 what is your dogs name ? I witnessed some younger children grabbing on to the dogs fur and not wanting to let go. All of our dogs did an amazing job of being the ambassadors of our beloved Akita breed, not even a bark in the entire day, they were amazing!

Just walking our dogs to the exercise pens was a long trip as your taking baby steps due to the many people in the aisles. This year was even more meaningful as this was the first year since we have been doing this that our booth was recognized.

Rita Biddle came up to me and said that we won second place for having the best booth in the Working Group, the booths are judged by a team of 7 AKC judges.

What a great way to end a wonderful day, just made breaking down everything so much better. The best thing is remembering how many thousands of people that touched our dogs and that sparkle in their eyes when they left our booth knowing they had touched and felt a real Akita or several if they went to all 3. Thank you everyone, I am honored to be the Akita Club of America liaison for this team. I would also like to thank the Akita Club of American for their support. Linda and I love you all !

We will see what next year brings.